Decsa Make Cfr- A Series Axial Evaporative Condensers

Service Details:

ApplicationFood, Automotive, Energy, Chemicals, HVAC, Metallurgical, Industrial


Evaporative condenser consisting of Z725 galvanized sheet steel and axial fans designed for the cooling of ammonia or refrigerant gases.

- Low operating costs, thanks to the limited energy consumption of the motors that power the
- Self-supporting structure in high strength stainless steel sheet Z725 (725g/m2)
- Evaporative cooling using a tube bundle.
- Wide power range.
- Easy and cost-efficient transport and installation of sections with no need for exceptional trailer

Ideal for industrial use, refrigeration and air conditioning.

- 50% and 100% finned coil for dry running
- Non-finned coils in AISI steel
- Silenced (Axilent and Axilent Plus)
- Direct coupling between motor and fan and with drive angle with oil-bath transmission
- AISI 430, 304, 316 standard steel structure
- Protection with DECSAPROT (internal) and DECSAPAINT (external) coating