Digital Vacuum Guage


Latest measuring instrument for continuous reading of measured values during the evacuation process out in the field as well as in the laboratory. The unit also has a practical hook for hanging and conforms to the IP classification 54.

Technical Data: 
Range:0 to 18000 Microns
Units:Pascal, Microns, mbar, Torr, mTorr,
psi, inHg
Resolution:0-20: 0.2 micron
21-200: 1 micron
201-500: 5 microns
Sensor type:Thermistor
Connector:Standard male 1/4 inch SAE
Operating temperature range:32°F to 104°F
Storage temperature range:-4°F to 140°F
Max. overpressure:500 psi
Accuracy:/- 10% 0-100 micron
/- 6%  101-750 microns
101 - 750 Microns    /- 45 Microns
Power supply:3 x 1.5 V  AAA / LR03 batteries
Service life when used continually:ca. 40 hours (depending
on the battery type)
Automatic shut off:After 10 min. if vacuum value
greater than 18000 Microns
After 30 min. if vacuum value
less than 18000 Microns
Connector Type:Standard 1/4 inch

Part No. 4686712

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