Rollfin Karyer Condensing Units w/o Compressors

Closed Type Hermetic-Horizontal, Closed Type Semi-hermetic-Horizontal, Closed Type Semi-hermetic-Vertical
Karbox condensing units are manufactured to provide a base product for cooling and Air-conditioning equipment manufacturers in order to form their condensing groups. Products are easy to configure, assemble and maintain. They are fully covered with electrostatic powder painted galvanized sheet for environment protection. Open types are for indoor applications and closed types are for outdoor applications. Karbox models have hermetic/scroll and semi-hermetic compressor types. Fans can be mounted horizontally or vertically. CHH (Closed Type Semi-hermetic-Horizontal Groups) units include cabinet, condenser, electric box, fan and inner accessories. In other closed type units, condenser, electric box, fan are supplied as a standard, inner accessories can be provided upon request. Products’ colour is RAL 7032. Upon request, another colour can be applied. Condenser capacity values are given for 15 oC heat difference. Users should make the selection according to their conditions or should contact with Karyer technical support. Dimensions of the division for compressor assembly are indicated in our catalogues for control purposes of the user. Open type units include cabinet, condenser and fan as a standard. Upon request, additional accessories can be obtained. Closed type condensing unit groups’ design can be adapted to use the unit as a heat pump upon the request of customers. Some modifications can be made in Karbox units in order to customize the product for the usage of customer.