Danfoss – S series HVAC Commercial Scrolls Compressors

H Series Light Commercial Scroll Compressors

MLZ Series – Refrigeration Scroll Compressor

LLZ Series – Refrigeration Scroll Compressors

MT, MTZ & NTZ Series Reciprocating Compressors

Aluminum Alloy Slugs

OPTYMA Slim Pack Condensing Units

MPHE Plate Heat Exchanger

Electronic Expansion Valve ETS Series

Pressure Switches and Thermostats

Thermostatic Expansion Valves

Thermostatic Expansion Valves & Fixed Orifice

Solenoid Valves, Fluoridated Refrigerants and Hydrocarbons

Sight Glasses

Filter Driers

BM Shut Off Diaphragm Valve

GBC Shut Off Ball Valve

NRV & NRVH Check Valves

Pressure Regulating Valves

Water Regulating Valves

Electric Refrigeration Controls

Electromechanical Pressure & Temperature Controls

Stop & Regulating Valves

Level Controls

Electronic Controller

Safety Valves

Solenoid Valves

ICF & Valve Stations

Pressure And Temperature Regulating Valves

Expansion Valves

AKVA – Electric Expansion Valves for Ammonia

Line Components

Line Components

Electronic Sensors & Transmitters

Pressure Transmitters

Temperature Sensors

Fluid Controls Valve

Pressure Switches

Temperature Switches

DHN Series Double-Discharge Evaporators (3.4 – 20 kW)

DLK/T Series Ceiling Type Evaporators (0.7 – 9.8 kW)

TAP Series – Ammonia Evaporators (4.6 – 37.2 kW)


Leak Detection

RS Tube Cutters

Flaring Tools

Vacuum Pumps

Pressure Guages

Digital Vacuum Guage

Digital Manifolds

Charging Hoses

OCTA-Wireless Meter



Quadra Capillary Hoses

Quadra Hose Fittings

Quadra Cutters & Pliers

Decsa Make Cfr-c Series Centrifugal Evaporative Condensers

Decsa Make Cfr- A Series Axial Evaporative Condensers

Decsa Make Closed Circuit Evaporative Condensers

Rollfin Karyer EA Series – Cold Room Evaporators

Rollfin Karyer EC-ED-EG Ceiling Type Unit Coolers

Rollfin Karyer Static Evaporators

Rollfin Karyer Blast Freezers

Rollfin Provides Condensers – Shell and Tube

Rollfin Karyer Condensing Units w/o Compressors

Rollfin Provides Dry Expansion Evaporators (Shell

Rollfin Provides Flooded Evaporators

Tecnac Liquied Receivers

Tecnac Suction Accumulator

Tecnac Oil Separators

ecnac Oil Level Regulators

Insulated Freezers

Evaporator for Blast Freezers

Double stage vacuum pump – Mastercool (3 CFM)