DECSA Evaporative Condensers

DECSA has been designing, manufacturing and selling machines for heat recovery of cooling circuit water (cooling towers) and for the condensation of refrigerant gases (evaporative condensers). DECSA have extensive design and application experience, have been certified by the ISO 9001 standard for over 10 years, and are an internationally-acclaimed company, exporting 70% of production.

Decsa’s wide range of equipment: Decsa provide open and closed circuit equipment, made in metal or fibreglass, with axial or centrifugal fans. Equipment is designed to cover the most diverse installation requirements, and we can ensure ease of installation and flexibility of application in the the most wide-ranging industrial configurations. The need to reduce energy and production costs and the search for efficient installation solutions has the been the impetus behind our current series of cooling towers, evaporative condensers and coolers. Using these installations reduces energy and water consumption and helps to reduce the noise impact of the systems thanks to centrifugal and quiet versions.

Decsa Make Closed Circuit Evaporative Condensers

Decsa Make Cfr- A Series Axial Evaporative Condensers

Decsa Make Cfr-c Series Centrifugal Evaporative Condensers