BM Shut Off Diaphragm Valve

BML is a manual shut-off valve designed for installation in the liquid, suction and hot gas lines of refrigeration plants. The valve can be delivered with flare, ODF solder or ODF solder with extended ends. In the same product category, BMT 6 is a three-way manual shut-off valve with similar characteristics.

BML, flare/ solder ODF connections, with handwheelStraightway shut-off valve for all fluorinated refrigerants. Temperature range -55 - 100°C. Working range -1 - 21 bar. Max. working pressure = 28 bar. Max. test pressure = 30.8 bar.

BMT, threeway shut-off valve, flare connections, with handwheelThree-way shut-off valve for all fluorinated refrigerants.Temperature range -55 - 100°CWorking range -1 - 21 barMax. working pressure = 28 barMax. test pressure = 30.8 bar