Decsa Make Cfr-c Series Centrifugal Evaporative Condensers

Service Details:

ApplicationFood, Automotive, Energy, Chemicals, HVAC, Metallurgical, Industrial

Evaporative condenser with cover in Z725 sheet steel and centrifugal fans, designed for the condensation of gases such as ammonia or other refrigerant gases
- Maximum noise reduction ensured by the centrifugal fans
- High-strength self-supporting structure in steel sheet Z725 (725g/,2)
- Silencers in intake and flow;
- Evaporative cooling using a tube bundle.
- Wide power range.
- Easy and cost-advantageous transport and installation of sections with no need for exceptional trailer transport.

Ideal for uses in industry, refrigeration and air conditioning.

- 50% and 100% Finned coil for dry running
- Non-finned coil in AISI steel
- Structure in AISI 430, 304, 316 steel
- Protection with DECSAPROT (internal) and DECSAPAINT (external) coating .
- Silencers VS/AP MP 600 and 1000
- Basin section accessible with wide doors