Electronic Controller

Product Range:

  • EKC 347

EKC 347 liquid level controller is used for regulation of the refrigerant level in:
• Pump reservoirs
• Separators
• Intermediate coolers
• Economisers
• Condensers
• Receivers
• Liquid level control
• Alarm if the set alarm limits are exceeded
• Relay outputs for upper and lower level limits and for alarm level
• Analog input signal which can displace the reference

  • EKC 366 

The module is an interface unit for control of an evaporating pressure valve.The media temperature is regulated by a PLC or similar device.The interface module receives a variable signal from the PLC and subsequently regulates the valve, so that the refrigeration is as accurate as possible.The controller is used for regulating a valve in a refrigerating system -
for example in connection with:
• Long-term storage of fruits and vegetables
• Refrigerating plants
• Brewery systems
• Processing plants Temperature sensors = Type AKS (Pt 1000)

  • EKC 319A, liquid injection in the suction line 

EKC 319A Controller limits the pressure gas temperature by opening up for liquid injection in the suction line. A temperature sensor registers the pressure gas temperature.If the temperature reaches the set temperature value, valve opening is commenced. A PI regulation adapts the opening degree of the valve in order to keep the temperatures at acceptable levels.

  • EKE 347, Liquid level controller 

  • Liquid level control.
  • Alarm if the set alarm limits are exceeded.
  • Relay outputs for upper and lower level limits and for alarm level.
  • User friendly and easy setup Wizard for first time configuration.
  • PI control.
  • Low or High side control.
  • When AKV/A is selected, a MASTER/SLAVE system can run up to 3 AKV/A with distributed Opening Degree.
  • Manual control of output.
  • Limitation of Opening degree possible.
  • ON/OFF operation with hysteresis.
  • Programming menu with 3 access levels and separate passwords.
  • Connection to other EKE347 controllers possible.
  • Wired remote display possible.
  • BUS connection for external data transfer.

  • EKC 361

The controller and valve can be used where there are stringent requirements to accurate temperature control in connection with refrigeration, e.g.:
 • Cold room for fruits and food products.
 • Refrigerating systems.
• Work premises in the food industry.
 • Process cooling of liquids. Temperature sensor = Type AKS (Pt 1000 ohm).

  • EKC 315A

The controller and valve can be used where there are requirements of accurate control for superheat and temperature in connection with refrigeration.
Expansion valve = type TQ / AKV/ ICM / MEV.
Temperature sensor = type AKS (Pt1000).
Pressure transmitter = type AKS 33 (4-20 mA).

  • EKC 331/T 

EKC 331 controllers are used for capacity regulation of compressors or condensers in small refrigerating systems based on pressure input. It can also be used as an extension relay module with the EKC531
Temperature sensors= AKS(Pt1000)
Pressure transmitters = AKS32R or AKS33
Display= EKA