GBC Shut Off Ball Valve

GBC ball valves are manually operated shut-off valves suitable for applications where bi-directional flow is a requirement.
GBC valves are approved for applications in liquid, suction, and hot gas lines in refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
GBC valves offer maximum tightness across the seat and seal, with minimum pressure drop.
GBC valves give maximum flow in the fully open position. They are designed for operation within a broad temperature range and are approved for use with any fluorinated refrigerant. Standard GBC valves may be used in applications using high pressure refrigerants, including R410A, and GBC bi-directional ball valves can be delivered with or without external access port.
For CO2 applications a dedicated range is available with a max. working pressure of 90 bar (1300 psig).
GBC valves are equipped with a one-piece seal cap to prevent tampering. Complies with European Safety Directive EN 378 (Safety and environmental requirements).