Insulated Freezers

For different air flow options, with radial and axial fans, The damper separates the coldroom from the insulated cooler, Efficient and quick defrosting with close damper thanks to the circulation mode inside the units.

Medium Series 
Glycol TIG

Capacity : On Request
Air Flow: On Request

Insulated cell
The steam-tight insulated cell is available with insulated wall thicknesses between 80 and 200 mm. The outer cell layer consists of powder-coated galvanised steel plate in RAL 9010. Optionally, the cells are available in stainless steel sheet and with a weather-proof roof. In standard design, the insulated cell is additionally equipped with an interior illumination, a steam-tight lockable access door and electrical heaters in door and damper frames which are selfregulating and redundant. All electrical components are centrally mounted in an external control cabinet. 

Damper design
The defrost dampers of the insulated cooler are driven by electronic servomotors and equipped with the TFC control system. The size of defrost dampers is selected according to the case of application. In the penthouse cooler, the light-weight construction damper system of the penthouse cooler optimises the air supply inside of the cell and reduces the energy consumption during the defrost process to a minimum. 

Floor design
In insulated coolers, the accessible floor panel is completely made of stainless steel and is water-tightly bonded. The integrated drip tray made of stainless steel with a free drainage is centrally or laterally arranged. In penthouse coolers, a double and insulated drip tray made of aluminium is directly mounted below the heat exchanger. In standard design, the accessible floor panel and the step grid above the air inlet are made of galvanised steel. 

Heat exchanger
The heat exchangers are optimised for every case of application. The material selection for the core tube, the fins and the front plate as well as the selection of the fin spacing and the fin pattern are effected according to the case of application. Air coolers with coolants (water glycol mixture) and evaporators in pump operation or with direct expansion for all refrigerants (HFC, NH ,CO ) are available 

Defrost process
The defrost process of the tray and the heat exchanger can be effected electrically, with hot gas, with glycol or hot air.  

Operating temperature range
The minimum ambient temperature in standard design is -30 °C. Special designs are available up to -50 °C.  

Fans can be selected with axial or radial mode of operation. Depending on the control, AC or EC motors can be used. Standard version: 3~ 400 V, protection class IP 54, insulation class F. Depending on customers‘ requirements, wiring on a repair switch is possible according to EN 60204-1.