Leak Detection


The requirements for leak detectors are constantly increasing and in order to keep up with the newest developments and technologies, we have developed the REF-LOCATOR. This high-end unit fulfills all the norms and requirements which are expected from a modern leak detector today. The basis of heated electrolyte sensor technology sets new standards in the area of leak detection. The sensor has a higher than average life cycle of approximately 10 years, which is a large advantage over conventional leak detectors. With the large LCD display, one is always informed about the ongoing activities. Through the adjustment of the 3 sensitivity levels, it is easy to localize large leakages. In addition, the inspection light is ideal for having a good overview, even in the dark. The REF-LOCATOR is delivered in a practical, rugged case.

Part No. 468714


Electronic Leak Detector for all Halogenated Refrigerants

  • Microprocessor controlled unit and state of the art microelectronics
  • Detects all halogenated refrigerants incl. R410A
  • Certified to SAE J1627 standard
  • Two sensitivity levels using a double-click computer mouse action
  • Leak indication using both variable frequency audible and visual alarm
Technical Data:
Batteries:2 x AA batteries
Battery lifetime:40 hours
Sensitivity:less than 0.1 oz/year
Sensor lifetime: approx.30 hours
Operating temperature:32 °F to 125 °F
Warm up time:less than 2 seconds
Response time:instantaneous
Reset time:instantaneous
Probe length:12 inches

Part No. 4507917

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