RS Tube Cutters

RS Tube cutters

The new, durable telescopic tube cutter accurately cuts copper tubing Four roller tracking system keeps tube from threading Smooth turning of adjustment knob Full-stop feed system prevents wheels and rollers from coming into contact

Heavy duty, High quality, Includes spare cutting wheel


RS-16 1/8"-5/8" (3-16 mm)
RS-25 1/8"-1" (3-25 mm)
RS-35 1/8"-1 3/8" (3-35 mm)
RS-42 1/8"-1 5/8" (3-42 mm)
RS-67 1/4"-2 5/8" (6-67mm)

Pinch-off Plier

Pinch-off plier up to approx. Ø 8 mm

Part No 9881527

Piercing Plier

A REFCO top product item which enables an immediate piercing on the charging tube (Ø up to 28.55 mm) at any refrigerator or freezer (Domestic). Just pierce the tube and you are ready for evacuating or charging the system. After finishing the service job use pinch-off-plier and pinch behind the service-piercing plier and braze the tube.
Recovery-service-piercing plier made from high quality chrom vanadium steel with changeable piercing needle and access fitting.

Part No 9881526

TELL-7 (Tube Bender)

Cross-bow-type tube bender set for an easy, ergonomical handling.

For following outside diameters:
1⁄4", 5⁄16", 3⁄8", 1⁄2", 5⁄8", 3⁄4", 7⁄8"

Spare Parts   
DesignationBending adapter
Cross bar
Part No
TELL-7-BA-1/4"1⁄4" 4669432
TELL-7-BA-5/16"5⁄16" 4669440
TELL-7-BA-3/8"3⁄8" 4669458
TELL-7-BA-1/2"1⁄2" 4669466
TELL-7-BA-5/8"5⁄8" 4669475
TELL-7-BA-3/4"3⁄4" 4669483
TELL-7-BA-7/8"7⁄8" 4669491
TELL-7-SB short4669416
TELL-7-LB long4669407
TELL-7-HANDLE Handle complet
TELL-7-AD Reverse bend adapter

Supplied in a sturdy plastic case.

Part No 4666076


Inner-outer reamer

Part No 9881649

RFA-209-STYLO ( Handy Deburer)

Handy deburrer. Blade can be swiveled.

Part No 9883750

RFA-209-01/3 HD ( Handy Deburer)

- Heavy duty deburring tool with rotating blade

- Removes rough or irregular edges of steel, aluminium, copper and plastic

- replaceable blades made of tough long life cobalt

Part No 4687051