Stop & Regulating Valves

Stop and regulating valves are manually operated valves for use in industrial refrigeration applications where for instance a pipe section needs to be shut-off during service and maintenance. The valves are in sizes from DN 6 mm (¼ in) up to 300 mm (12 in.). The valves are designed to give favourable flow characteristics and are easy to dismantle for servicing. The valve cone is designed to ensure perfect closing. Applicable to all common refrigerants including ammonia (R717) and non corrosive gases/liquids dependent on sealing material compatibility.
Product Ranges:

  • SVL multifunction valves
  • SNV-ST / SNV-SS gauge valves
  • SVA-S 6-200 shut-off valves
  • SVA-DL 250-300 shut-off valves
  • QDV shut-off valve
  • REG-SA 10-40 hand operated regulating valve 
  • REG-SB 10-65 hand operated regulating valve