TAP Series – Ammonia Evaporators (4.6 – 37.2 kW)

Evaporators for process rooms with innovative, fully draught-free airflow and low sound level, numerous accessories

Capacity Range : 4.6 - 37.2 kW
Air Flow : 2260 - 2936 m3/h 

The standard housing is made of aluminium with powder coating in RAL9010. Optional: Housing made of stainless steel.

Heat exchanger coil
The tube system is staggered with stainless steel tubes, Ø 12 mm. Fins are made of pure aluminium with a distance of 4 mm or 7 mm between the fins. To avoid oxidation the heat exchangers are generally welded under inert gas. Optional: Fins made of epoxy-coated aluminium. 

Electrical defrosting in heat exchanger coil is wired ready for connection on two terminal boxes according to EN 60204-1. For a better heat transfer and replaceability the heating resistors are placed in contact tubes made of aluminium.  

Drip tray
All drip trays are made of aluminium with a powder coating in RAL9010. The condensation drainage is made of aluminium. The connection is threaded. The drip trays are tiltable for cleaning purposes 

Sound pressure levels
The sound pressure level is indicated at 3 m distance according to DIN 45635, part 14 without reflection. Since cold storages have only a very low absorbing capacity, we recommend anticipating a small decrease at other distances. The indicated value is only a reference value. The actual sound pressure level must be calculated on basis of the sound power level and taking prevailing conditions into account.  

- electrical defrost heating in coil
- epoxy
-coated fins
- air filter
- climatisation coil
- insulated drip tray

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